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Kuro Dashi [Blend of Four Japanese Sauces], 150ml, Maruhara

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150ml /24 bottles / cs
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About product

This blend of four Japanese sauces (grain sauce, fish sauce, meat sauce, and plant sauce) has over 1000 years of history.
We have revived this traditional sauce in this fermented seasoning.

Its rich flavors come from the fish sauce, meat sauce, and plant sauce.
We select only the best ingredients, with sugar and salt being the only seasonings added to the fermented product.
Use no artificial flavorings.
Use in the same manner as concentrated dark or white soup stock soy sauces in your cooking.


Retail price(Japan) 600 JPY (without tax)
Shelf life 1 year after production
Storage temparature Dry
JAN code 4941773212381
Place of origin (Pref.) Oita
Ratio of originated in Japan (WT) 100%
Allergen info Gulten, Fish, Soya
Ingredients & Additives Bonito flakes, whole-bean soy sauce, plant sauce, fish sauce, sugar, yeast extractor, alcohol
Size of a piece H 167mm x W 46mm x L 46mm
Weight of a piece 363g
Size of an order unit H 197mm x W 306mm x L 208mm
Weight of an order unit 9.1kg
Preferred Buyer type High-class restaurants, Food importers, Distributors
Target customer Professional chefs, Owners of High-class restaurants (Japanese fine dining, Sushi dining)
Suitable occasion Japanese dish
Other information Preferred trading style: Via trading company/wholesaler
Target country (1)United States, (2)France, (3)China, (4)Singapore

A blend of four sauces fermented into a Dashi (stock) soy sauce

Four sauces originated in Japan's Heian period over 1000 years ago:
- a grain sauce made from grains
- a fish sauce made from fish
- a plant sauce made with fruits, leaves, and seaweed
- a meat sauce made from meat

However, in the 18th century, the meat sauce and the plant sauce ceased to be produced.
Now, we have revived these four sauces and fermented them to bring out even richer flavor in our "Four-sauce Kuro Dashi". day in our Shitake Dashi Sauce.

An attention to detail for production and selection of ingredients in the pursuit of ideal sauce

"Four-sauce Kuro Dashi" is made entirely from fermented products apart from seasoning sugar and salt.
- the Ayu fish in the fish sauce
- the Shitake mushrooms in the plant sauce are local produce from Ohita
- the chickens used for the meat sauce
- the soybeans and wheat used in the soy sauce (grain sauce)
All of the ingredients are grown in Japan.

No solid pieces remain in our sauce;
we put in the extra effort to bring you a pure liquid product.
We avoided using heating in the manufacturing process which would bread down the ingredients and cause the formation of solids in the sauce.

The distinct flavors of sauces have been recognized by Michelin three-star restaurants

Generally-speaking, fish sauce and meat sauce have distinctive aromas which only match certain kinds of cooking.
However, "Four-sauce Kuro Dashi" uses fish sauce and meat sauce which have no additives and are made using a proprietary preparation process.
This eliminates unpleasant, strong aromas and makes the sauce suitable for any type of cooking.
This sauce can be used for the preparation of a wide variety of dishes, including stews, stir-frys, sashimi, cold tofu, noodle sauce, sushi, grilled fish, and grilled mushrooms.

Company profile

We started the business in 1899 and established a company first at Hita-city.
We emphasize tradition and keep making tasty soy sauce.
And we'd like to make a new product and also expand a sale in a new market.
We have developed "Ayu fish sauce" which matches this way of thinking.
The taste and quality of this product is admitted by a chef of all over the world.
Company name MARUHARA & Co.
Type of organization Manufacturer
Business description Manufacture and sale of soy sauce, miso, fish sauce, koji and soda.
Title of representative President   Mr. Masayuki Jirouzaemon HARA
Company address 5-4 Nakahon-machi, Hita-city, Oita, 877-0047
Factory address 5-4 Nakahon-machi, Hita-city, Oita, 877-0047
Date of establishment 1899
Number of employees 21~50 or less
Company homepage
TEL +(81) 973-23-4145
FAX +(81) 973-23-8859
Business partners

合名会社 まるはら

Ayu Fish Sauce is used in Michelin three star restaurants in NY, Paris

In 2016, Our facility was certified according to ISO22000:2005, which combines the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Point (HACCP).

合名会社 まるはら