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Plum & Honey Black vinegar 720ml, Marusou

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720ml / 6 bottles / cs
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About product

Easy-to-drink black vinegar beverage: Blended with Tonda's mineral water, honey and apple juice.

Nanko-ume Vinegar: Made from the Nanko-ume which is the best brand in Japan.

Healthy Barley-black vinegar: Made from the unpolished barley.
In recent years, the effect of the barley vinegar has been reviewed to understand the working to normalize the liver, and to prevent the lifestyle disease of the cardiovascular disease system.

Tonda's mineral water: The groundwater of Kumana kodo as a World Heritage and the untouched forest is the best mineral water in Wakayama.


Retail price(Japan) 1500 JPY (without tax)
Shelf life 12 months
Storage temparature Dry
Place of origin (Pref.) Wakayama
Ratio of originated in Japan (WT) 90%
Ingredients & Additives Ume vinegar, honey, fructose dextrose sugar, barley black vinegar, apple juice, plum extract/vitamin
ISO certification ISO9001
Organic certification JAS Organic
Supply period all year
Restriction on sales n/a
Size of a piece W8.2cm x D8.2cm x H30cm
Weight of a piece 1450g
Size of an order unit W25.5cm x D18.0cm x H31.5cm
Weight of an order unit 9Kg
Preferred Buyer type Distributors, Retailers, Department stores. Food business (Restaurants, etc.)
Target customer Especially for the health-conscious adults
Suitable occasion erved before the meal, instead of aperitif. Or, served during the meal, instead of beverages or wine
Target country (1)Hong Kong, (2)Singapore, (3)Thailand, (4)Malaysia, (5)Viet Nam

Message to Professional Buyers

We can change or coordinate the content or package of our products depending on the preference of your customers and markets.
Your professional opinions would be highly appreciated.

Company profile

Manufacture and sale of plum processed products.
We are aiming to create food based on health promotion.
For our customer to taste it without any worry, we are working on organic cultivation by only organic fertilizers such as green manure and farmyard compost, and reliable products that can be identified by their growers.
Company name Maruso Co., Ltd.
Type of organization Manufacturer
Business description Manufacture and sale of plum processed products.
Title of representative President   Mr. Kunihiro SHIBA
Company address 14-8 Furuo, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama, 646-0059
Factory address 24-5 Inari-cho, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama, 646-0051
Date of establishment 1965.1
Number of employees 21~50 or less
Company homepage
TEL +(81) 739-22-1155
FAX +(81) 739-22-5018
Business partners

株式会社 丸惣

ISO9001: We introduced a quality management system and obtained the certification for the first time in the industry.

Organic certification: We were certified according to JAS standards for Organic agricultural products and Organic processed
foods, at the same time as the revision of the JAS law.

Our pursuit for safety of food: We are pursuing the safety of Ume by purchasing them after checking the cultivation history of
the farmers, and confirming whether it met the JAS cultivation standards.