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Seasoned Sushi Vinegar "THE EDOMAE Red Vinegar" 1.8L, Kisaichi Brewing

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1.8L / 6 bottles / cs
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T/T in advance
Kisaichi Brewing
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About product

Seasoned Sushi Vinegar, EASY TO USE for making sushi rice!

Mixing the cooked rice with this vinegar, you will have Sushi rice just like Michelin star restaurants.

You will feel truly in touch with the tradition of Edomae-zushi easily. You have another choice of sushi rice using "THE EDOMAE White".


Retail price(Japan) 1000 JPY (without tax)
Shelf life 2 years after production
Storage temparature Dry
JAN code 4534678001497
Place of origin (Pref.) Chiba
Ratio of originated in Japan (WT) 100%
Ingredients & Additives Grain vinegar, Sugar, Salt
Supply period all year
Restriction on sales China (import regulation)
Size of a piece W105xD105xH320mm
Weight of a piece 2270g
Size of an order unit W320xD230xH340mm
Weight of an order unit 14.3Kg
Preferred Buyer type High-class Sushi restaurants, Food importers, Distributors
Target customer Professional sushi chefs, Owners of High-class Sushi restaurants
Suitable occasion For Awase-su (mixture of vinegar and some other flavoring such as soy sauce, sugar, etc.) for Sushi
Other information Trading style: Via trading company/wholesaler
Target country

Authentic seasoned Sushi vinegar for "Edomae-zushi"

We blended two types of vinegar, adding a slight sugar and salt:
the red vinegar made from the long-term matured Sakekasu (sake lees), and the Sakekasu vinegar.

The Sakekasu vinegar is fermented slowly in the wooden barrel made of Japanese cedar for three months, and matured two to three months additionally.

It is characterized by mild acidity, rich taste, and faint aroma of cedar.

How to use

For Maguro, Toro, Prawn, and Seared toppings, please use the boiled-down soy sauce & the traditional Sushi rice with this vinegar.

It goes very well with boiled Sea eel, boiled hard-shell clam, and other toppings boiled with sweetened soy sauce, because the rich taste of the Sushi rice with the red Sushi vinegar enhances the savory/umami of those Sushi toppings.

If you mix 150g of the cooked rice with 30cc of this vinegar, you will have Sushi rice just like Michelin star restaurants.

Company profile

Tradition and Technology:

]We have inherited and maintained the traditional brewing technology accumulated in the long time, and the microbial inspection technology associated with it.

Also, we have developed a new brewing method (alcoholic fermentation, and acetic acid fermentation), vinegar with a variety of raw materials, processed vinegar with a bacterium effect, etc.
Company name Kisaichi Brewing Co., Ltd.
Type of organization Manufacturer
Business description Kisaichi Brewing Co., Ltd. is a company of vinegar that combines traditional manufacturing methods and modern manufacturing methods founded in 1922.
Title of representative President   Mr. Kazuyasu Kisaichi
Company address 6-7-45 Higashimichinobe,, Kamagaya-shi, Chiba, 273-0115
Factory address 6-7-45 Higashimichinobe,, Kamagaya-shi, Chiba, 273-0115
Date of establishment 1922
Number of employees 21~50 or less
Company homepage
TEL +(81) 47-443-2511
FAX +(81) 47-443-1162
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Certification: ISO22000:2005

In 2016, Our facility was certified according to ISO22000:2005, which combines the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Point (HACCP).