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Pure rice vinegar5 20L, Kisaichi Brewing

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Kisaichi Brewing
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About product

100% Rice vinegar, specialized for any Japanese cuisine:
Made of only Japanese rice, without any alcohol added.
It contains 1.5% salt.

Perfect balance of aroma, sourness, and umami:
The difference between grain vinegar and rice one is aroma.
Usually, rice vinegar has strong aroma; Kisaichi's "Pure rice vinegar" has mild and gentle aroma, which would vanish when heated.
Therefore, it goes very well with un-heated Japanese dishes.


Retail price(Japan) 4500 JPY (without tax)
Shelf life 2 years after production
Storage temparature Dry
Ratio of originated in Japan (WT) 100%
Ingredients & Additives Rice, Salt, Water
Supply period all year
Restriction on sales China, Taiwan (import regulation)
Size of a piece 300 x 300 x 290 (mm)
Weight of a piece 21.6Kg
Preferred Buyer type High-class Sushi restaurants, Food importers, Distributors
Target customer Professional sushi chefs, Owners of High-class Sushi restaurants
Suitable occasion For vinegared fish, Awase-su of Sushi rice, vinegared Japanese dishes
Other information Trading style: Via trading company/wholesaler
Target country

How to use

- For vinegared fish, such as SABA (mackerel), KOHADA (gizzard shad), etc.

- For Awase-su(mixture of vinegar and some other flavoring such as soy sauce, sugar, etc.) used for SHARI (sushi rice)

- For vinegared dishes such as MOZUKU-su, GARI (pickled ginger), etc.

- For non-oil salad dressing

Company profile

Tradition and Technology:

]We have inherited and maintained the traditional brewing technology accumulated in the long time, and the microbial inspection technology associated with it.

Also, we have developed a new brewing method (alcoholic fermentation, and acetic acid fermentation), vinegar with a variety of raw materials, processed vinegar with a bacterium effect, etc.
Company name Kisaichi Brewing Co., Ltd.
Type of organization Manufacturer
Business description Kisaichi Brewing Co., Ltd. is a company of vinegar that combines traditional manufacturing methods and modern manufacturing methods founded in 1922.
Title of representative President   Mr. Kazuyasu Kisaichi
Company address 6-7-45 Higashimichinobe,, Kamagaya-shi, Chiba, 273-0115
Factory address 6-7-45 Higashimichinobe,, Kamagaya-shi, Chiba, 273-0115
Date of establishment 1922
Number of employees 21~50 or less
Company homepage
TEL +(81) 47-443-2511
FAX +(81) 47-443-1162
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Certification: ISO22000:2005

In 2016, Our facility was certified according to ISO22000:2005, which combines the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Point (HACCP).